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A Sincere Approach to Mom and Dad Aging in Place
Renovate existing, unused spaces in your home for aging family - Making life both Convenient and Accessible!

"Aging in Place is a huge decision and involves all aspects of life; lifestyle changes, family, and finances. It is important to consider your Return on Investment when downsizing, remodeling your existing home, or putting on an addition. Allow Spectrum Group to help navigate the process. We have the engery and experience needed to provide insight on your new lifestyle."
- Ken Snyder
Spectrum Group President
Realtor and Builder for 43 years

Allow Spectrum Group to help navigate the process:

Family Consultation
Moving aging parents is a change in lifestyle for everyone involved. Communication with all members of the family is key. How will this type of change affect everyone individually? Is the family in agreement, financially, to take this step forward? Spectrum Group brings crucial lifelong experience to the table to help your family talk out everyone’s expectations, from financials, selling your existing home, remodeling your home, or remodeling with a projected timeline.

Understanding Family Needs
Is your In-Law Suite going to include just sleeping quarters and a bathroom, or will it include a separate sitting area and a kitchen? How much space are you looking for, overall? Will your loved one be downsizing? These are all questions to take into consideration when planning for a move – as well as determining if this lifestyle change is imminent, or if it will be happening in a more distant future.

Considering Your Return on Investment
The national average cost for live-in care at a skilled nursing or assisted living facility continues to grow year by year, with current costs averaging over $9,000 per month / per room! While the addition of an In-Law Suite is a significant investment, it will also likely be a wise one. A home remodel or addition makes your home an attractive option for a potential future sale, particularly because the local real estate market is lacking in options with additions already included.

Home Remodeling and Floor Plan Design
A well-designed universally accessible remodel can not only enable older adults to remain in their homes longer, but it can also increase the value and appeal of the home, as well. In fact, visitors to a home with a Universal Design bathroom may not notice anything out of the ordinary – except that the bathroom is attractive, convenient and comfortable.

Spectrum Assisted Living delivers 40+ years of Home Building and Remodeling Experience! Our top priority is recognzing accessibility and versatility. Design your next remodeling project or addition with one of our in-house designers and selection coordinators. Contact one of our Certified Aging in Place Specialists today to get started!