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Spectrum Homes Aging in Place
Delivering 40+ Years of Home Building and Remodeling Experience!

Recognizing Availability, Safety and Versatility.

  • Safe and Secure Entry
  • Exterior
  • Overall Floor Plans
  • Kitchen and Laundry
  • Bathrooms
  • Stairways, Lifts, and Elevators
  • Electrical, Lighting, Safety, and Security
  • Flooring
  • Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning
  • Energy-Efficient Features
* Because this is not a comprehensive list, please consult with one of our Certified Aging in Place Specialists today!

The 7 Principals of Universal Design

  • PRINCIPLE ONE: Equitable Use.
  • PRINCIPLE TWO: Flexibility in Use.
  • PRINCIPLE THREE: Simple and Intuitive Use.
  • PRINCIPLE FOUR: Perceptible Information.
  • PRINCIPLE FIVE: Tolerance for Error.
  • PRINCIPLE SIX: Low Physical Effort.
  • PRINCIPLE SEVEN: Size and Space for Approach and Use.

All of Spectrum Homes Floor Plans are created with Aging in Place in mind, customized to meet your needs! Looking for an alternative to 55+? View our Lifestyle Series Floor Plans. Custom options include ranch plan designs or first floor master suite designs!

Before starting your remodeling project, Spectrum Homes and Remodeling will take the time to work with you to define your family’s needs and talk to you about how you currently use the space, what health issues – current and future – should be considered, and how a Universal Design remodel can help make your space safer and easier to use. Universal Design is a trend that recognizes that safety and accessibility make life more convenient for everyone – whether it is an older adult, a family with young children, or a family that is handling a disability. It also helps keep your family under one roof and preserves independence for a long as possible.